Best sellers
Gan Geok Eng Wan In Oil
Headaches, colds, infantile convulsions, burns, insect bites, heatstroke, swollenness caused by unknown reasons, itches/irritating pains, cuts, motion sickness, diarrhea, pains caused by rheumatism/arthritis, pediatric abdominal pains
Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment
Cut, laceration, mosquito bites, itches, muscles pains, abdominal distention, headaches, colds, heat stroke, motion sickness
Brain health
Gan Geok Eng Wan In Five Tonic Pills
General tonic is for Qi and Blood deficient, Yang deficient and Yin deficient. Improves efficiency of brain activities and work process
Daily use
Gan Geok Eng Herbal Repellent Spray
Prevent mosquito and other insect bites
Gan Geok Eng Herbal Essential Oil
Tension ease, Stress relief, Fatigue removal and Concentration
Gan Geok Eng Rose Lavender Body Oil
Moisturizing, Whitening
Gan Geok Eng Shain Gu Bu Chi Jing
1. Increase muscular strength and Endurance 2. Increases stamina 3. Increased Muscle Mass Maintenance
Gan Geok Eng Peppermint Oil
Headache, Nausea, Fever, Stomach and Bowel spasms, as well as for pain relief.
GAN GEOK ENG Eucalyptus Oil Capsules
Respiratory support Supports bronchial congestion Helps to soothe sore throats
Geok Eng-Gan Horse Oil Nourishing Cream
Gan Geok Eng Herbal Cooling Liquid
Gan Geok Eng Qu Ke Powder
Gan Geok Eng Ning Som Fa Tarn Tan Powder
Coldpex Combo
Erasing fatigue, refreshing, relaxing, smoothening breathes, alleviating motion sickness...
Gan Geok Eng Lozenge / Luohanfruit-Flavoured
Tickly Throat, Throat Disorder, Itchy Throat, Respiratory Relief. Preferable after smoking or whenever you have the desire to smoke.
Gan Geok Eng Shikonin Ointment
Pruritis、Protect and relieve severely dry, cracked, split skin 、Scald、Frostbite
Gan Geok Eng Herbal Cooling Liquid
Concentration, Release stress
Gan Geok Eng Incense
Purifying human mind & space by Japanese Incense The delicate scents had their origin in secret recipes passed down through the ages. Great for home fragrance and meditation.
Gan Geok Eng Clean Touch Hand Gel
Skin and hands cleansing, disinfecting.
Gan Geok Eng Antrodia Cinnamomea
Liver Protection, Stimulating immune system, Certified Natural and Safe
Relieve occasional constipation
Gan Geok Eng Health Rice
Gan Geok Eng Sesame Oil
Headache, Stomach Ache and Nervousness
Gan Geok Eng Herbal Cooling Liquid Bergamot
Prevent mosquito and other insect bites
Gan Geok Eng Hoe Hin Digest Pills
Dyspepsia, Fullness in Chest, Burping with Acidic Gas Abdominal Pain and Diarrhea, vomiting, short of urine
Gan Geok Eng White Flower Fair Pills
Indigestion and Visceral Malnutrition